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More newspaper back issues are being placed on the Internet every year. They can help a genealogist in many ways – by providing information on births, deaths and marriages, but noting store openings or major economic changes, or by reminding us whose pumpkins were the biggest back at the fall fair.

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General information

The Ancestor Hunt - Nova Scotia
Comprehensive site with extensive lists of newspapers.

The Google News Archive is one of the most extensive collections available, but it has serious flaws. Searching is almost impossible, so be prepared to browse. Date ranges are often inaccurate. Also, there are usually gaps.
Search Tips for Google News Archive -- By Kimberly Powell.
Newspapers on Google -- Search by keywords and by specifying the source.
Titles available on Google -- A tough-to-use list of the newspapers available.
Different selection of newspapers; some Canadian titles included.

Titles by location

Nova Scotia digitized historical newspapers
A variety of titles on one site.

Nova Scotia newspapers on microfilm
Holdings at the Nova Scotia archives.

(Halifax) The British Colonist 1823-1890
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) Halifax Citizen 1863-1873
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Unionist 1869-
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) Morning Journal 1854-1859
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Church Guardian 1879-1895
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Maritime Grocer and Commercial Review 1893-1895
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Maritime Merchant 1898-1920
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Royal Gazette 1785-1858
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Maritime Merchant and Commercial Review 1897-1914
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Citizen 1873-1873
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Halifax Gazette 1752-1780
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) Halifax Morning Sun 1862-1867
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) Acadian Recorder 1854-1861
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Wesleyan 1883-1884
From Google Newspapers

(Halifax) The Novascotian / Colonial Herald 1827-1830
From Google Newspapers

(Pictou) The Colonial Patriot 1827-1834
From Google Newspapers

(Sydney) Cape Breton Post 1901-1973
From Google Newspapers

(Yarmouth) The Yarmouth Herald 1810-1940
From Google Newspapers

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