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Genealogical Tour of the McPherson Library
University of Victoria

1) HOURS: The hours the library is open varies during the year. During inter-sessional periods, holidays and the summer hours may be cut back or the library may be closed. Always phone (721-6673) for the recorded hours of operation message or check the hours on the UVic Libraries site.
2) PARKING: Parking is free after 6:00 pm weekdays and anytime on weekends but only park in areas marked General Parking. Best use the lot #1 on the east side of University Drive.
If you intend to visit the library during a weekday bring at least 4 loonies (machines do not take twoonies). Parking passes may be purchased at the campus directories on the access roads.
3) WASHROOMS: They are in the basement and the second floor.
4) INFORMATION: As you enter the library there is a post that has a number of helpful pamphlets. These include a map of the library and an explanation of the catalogue system, information about on-line searches of the catalogue, becoming a library member and borrowing privileges.
5) CATALOGUE SYSTEM: UVic uses the Library of Congress Classification.
The catalogue may be accessed on the internet.
a) Reference Section: This section is located to the right and includes some genealogical material, over-sized maps, government documents, bibliographies, encyclopedias (many older and foreign) and biographical material.
b) Map Library: This library is also to the right of the main entrance. A photocopier is adjacent to the maps.
c) Computers: You can search the catalogues of the MacPherson collection and the Priestly Law Library (Begbie building). NOTE: much of the older material was not entered into the computer catalogue - search the card catalogue.
d) Card Catalogue: Located behind the staircase.
e) Periodicals: This collection is located to the far left and contains the latest issues of many periodicals. Earlier issues are shelved in the main collection or discarded. Periodicals are filed by catalogue numbers (eg. Canadian material would be filed under 'FC').
f) Cashier: To the right as you enter. If you intend to do any photocopying obtain a copy card. These credit cards can have any dollar amount placed on them and are the only way of using photocopiers. The cost is a $1.00 refundable deposit and whatever amount you wish to place on the card. Photocopies cost 10 cents, and copies from the microfilm machines are 20 cents.
WARNING: these things are easy to forget and leave with the copier for someone else to enjoy.
a) COMPACT SHELVING - moveable shelving holding older material.
b) MICROFORMS: This room is located in the basement and has microfilm, microfiche, microprint and index books.
CIHM Collection
Titles on microfiche: two very useful sources are:
English County records and the Peel Collection.
8) SECOND FLOOR: The 'U' and 'V' sections are military. These include some Army and Navy pay lists, regimental histories, campaign histories, a few medal rolls and military regulations.
9) THIRD FLOOR: Section 'J': Sessional papers, government 'Gazettes' and Acts of Parliament. Also a section on international agreements.
10) THIRD FLOOR MEZZANINE: Section 'A': Encyclopedias, newspapers, magazines: many every old, this is a good section to browse.
Section 'B': A large collection of books on religions - mostly useful background material but also includes some parish records
Section 'CD': several books on how to search English parish records and English court records (a large collection of English court records is in Stacks - search the catalogue for holdings)
Some Useful Sources For Genealogy At UVic
AN5 - Newspapers
BR - Church Histories
BX History of Churches - many useful genealogical lists
CD 1042 A2L - useful English sources such as Public Record Office indexes and Court of Chancery Records.
CS88-CS90 - Genealogy
D547, D768 & VA602 - Military Regiments
D609 A2G7 - War Graves & Memorials of The British Empire
D810 D4G7 - War Dead of The British Commonwealth and Empire 1939-1945
E275; E277 & E278 - Loyalists, in the U.S. section
E289 - American Revolution
FC - Canadian History
J102 K3 - Journals of the Legislative Assembly
J103 H6 - Sessional Papers of the House of Commons
U1 - Army Quarterly; Cdn Army Journal; Cdn Defence Quarterly
U11 - Militia Lists,1876-1917; Defence Forces Lists, 1934-9
UC535 C2M44 - Medal Roll of the Red River Campaign of 1870 in Canada
VA400 C3 - Canadian Navy Lists / T8 - Naval Services of Canada > Hugh Armstrong's Genealogy Site Index