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Canadian Troops to South Africa, 1899 - 1902
(From the Canadian Almanac, 1903)

First Contingent

Enlistment was for six months with liability of extension to one year.

2nd (Special Service) Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry
Strength: 41 officers, 1,010 N.C. officers and men, 7 horses. 
Sailed from Quebec, on SS. Sardinian, 30th October, 1899; arrived at Cape Town on 
29th November following. 

The officers were: 

Commanding Officer: *Otter, Col. W.D., 
Canadian Staff, Hon'y A.D.C. to His Excellency the Governor-General

Major (2nd in command): *Buchan, L. (Lt.-Col. R.C.R.I.)
Major, *Pelletier, 0.C.C. (Lt.-Col. Canadian Staff)


Captain: *Arnold, H.M. (Maj. 90th Winnipeg Rifles), died of wounds, 23rd Feb., 1900. 

Lieuts.: Blanchard M.G. (Capt. 5th Regt. C.A.), died of wounds, 15th June 1900
         Hodgins, A.E. (Capt. Nelson Rifle Co.)
         Layborn, S.P. (Lt. R.C.R.I.)


Captain: Stuart, D. (Maj. 26th Regt.)

Lieuts.: Ross, J.M. (Capt. 22nd Oxford Rifles)
         Mason, J.C. (Capt. 10th Regt.)
         Temple, R.H.M. (2nd Lt. 48th Highlanders)


Captain: Barker, R.K. (Capt. Q.O.R.) 

Lieuts.: Marshall, W.R. (Lt. 13th Batt.)
        Wilkie, C.S. (Lt. 10th Regt.)
        Lafferty, F.D. (Lt. R.C.A.)


Captain: Rogers, S.M. (Maj: 43rd Ottawa and Carleton Rifles)
Lieuts.: *Lawless, W.T. (Capt. G.G.F.G.)
Stewart, R.G. (Lt. 43rd Ottawa and Carleton Rifles)
Caldwell, A.C. (Lt. R.O.)


Captain: Fraser, C.K. (Capt. 53rd Sherbrooke Regt
Lieuts: Swift, A.E. (Lt 8th Royal Rifles)
        Laurie, A. (Capt. 1st P.W.F.)
        Armstrong, C.J. (Lt. 5th R.S.C.)


Captain: Peltier, J.E. (Maj. 65th Mount Royal Rifles)

Lieuts.: Panet, H.A. (Capt. R.C.A.). Afterwards transferred to "C" Battery, R.C.A.
        Le Duc, L. (Lt. R.C.R.I.)
        Pelletier, E.A. (Lt. 55th Megantic Light Infantry)


Captain: Weeks, W.A. (Maj. Charlottetown Eng'rs)

Lieuts.: Jones, F.C. (Capt. 3rd Regt. C.A.)
         Kaye, J.H. (Lt. R.C.R.I.)
         McLean, C.W.W. (2nd Lt. 8th Princess Louise Hussars), 
         afterwards selected by Major-General Sir H.E. Colville, K.C.M.G., 
         commanding 9th Division, Field Force South Africa to act as A.D.C. 
         on his staff.


Captain: Stairs, H.B. (Capt. 66th Princess Louise Fusiliers)   

Lieuts.: Burstall, H.E. (Capt. R.C.A.)
         Willis, R.B. (Lt. 66th Princess Louise Fusiliers)
         Oland, J.C. (2nd Lt. 63rd Halifax Rifles)

Officer Commanding Machine Gun Section: Bell, A.C. (Capt. Scots Guards)

Regimental Adit.: MacDougall, J.C. (Maj. R.C.R.I.)
Battalion Adjts.: Macdonell, A.H. (Capt. R.C.R.I.)
                  Ogilvy, J.H.C. (Capt. R.C.A.)
Quarter-Master: Denison, S.J.A. (Capt. & Brevet-Maj. R.C.R.I.)
Medical Officers: Wilson, C.W. (Surgeon-Maj. 3rd Field Battery)
                  Fiset, E. (Surg.-Maj. 89th Temiscouata & Rimouski Regt.)
Attached for Staf Duty: *Drunimond, L.G. (Maj. Scots Guards), formerly Military 
                         Secretary to His Excellency the Governor-General
Attached for Special Duty: 
     *Drury, C.W. (Lt.-Col. R.C.A., Hon'y A.D.C. to His Excellency the 
      Governor-General) afterwards appointed to command Bde. Div. Fd. Artl'y 
     *Lessard, F.L. (Lt.-Col. R.C.D.); afterwards appointed to command 1st Batt. C.M.R.
     *Cartwright, R. (Maj. R.C.R.I., A.A.G., at Head Quarters) 
     *Forester, W. (Capt. R. C. D.), afterwards transferred to C.M.R.

Medical Staff for general service: Osborne, A.B., (Capt. Canadian Army Medical Staff)

Nurses: Pope, Miss Georgina 
        Forbes, Miss Sarah 
        Affleck, Miss Minnie
        Russell, Miss Elizabeth

Historical Recorder: *Dixon, F.J. (Capt. R.O.)

Chaplains: Almon, Rev. J.; Fullerton, Rev. T.F., (Hon. Chapl. 4th Begt. C.A.)
           O'Leary, Rev. P.M.

Reinforcements: See Third Contingent

From Sessional Paper 35a, 1901, Parliament of Canada
Appendix A 7
Nominal Roll of N.C.O.'s and men, who have died of disease and been accidentally killed.
No.RankNameCasualtiesPlaceDateWhere buried
7452PteDesLauriers, E.Heart failureAt Sea3-11-1899At sea
7914PteChappell, M.C.TonsilitusBelmont13-12-1899Belmont,
500 yds. S.E. of stn.
7157PteFarley, J.E.EntericOrange River5-2-1900Orange River Cemetery
3264PtePurcell, J.J.EntericOrange River11-2-1900Orange River Cemetery
7089PteMoore, D.L.EntericOrange River14-2-1900Orange River Cemetery
7013PteAdams, J.EntericJacobsdal1-3-1900Jacobsdal
7541PteRoss, W.J.H.EntericWynberg, C.C.6-3-1900Wynberg
7811PteForrest, H.EntericBloemfontein31-3-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
7802PteHarrison, R.EntericBloemfontein14-4-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
7301SergtBeattie, A.EntericBloemfontein14-4-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
No.9, Lot 6
7319PteBlight, W.S.EntericBloemfontein15-4-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
No.20, Lot 6
7160PteAdams, W.G.EntericBloemfontein16-4-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
7806PteCurphy, J.EntericBloemfontein18-4-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
No.21, Lot 6
8140PtePurcell, E.EntericBloemfontein22-4-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
7165PteBarr, H.B.EntericNaauwport30-4-1900Nsauwport
8176PteZong, E.EntericBloemfontein1-5-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
No.207, Lot 11
7068PteListon, R.EntericBloemfontein2-5-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
No.219 Lot 11
4272PteHaines, W.EntericJohannesburg6-6-1900Johannesburg Cemetery
7118PteWhitley, W.F.EntericJohannesburg19-6-1900Johannesburg Cemetery
7610PteBolt., G.H.EntericNaaawport1-6-1900Naauwport Cemetery
4263PteVanornam, A.F.EntericBloemfontein7-6-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
7377PteRasberry, J.Enteric Bloemfontein24-5-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
3676PteMullins, E.EntericKroonstadt11-6-1900Kroonstadt
7818PteLaRue, L.EntericWynberg, C.C.24-6-1900R.C. Cemetery,
Wynberg, No.28-B
7865PteDuhamel, W.EntericNorvals Pont27-6-1900Norval's Pont Cemetery
7204PteIrwin, R.EntericBloemfontein1-7-1900Bloemfontein Cemetery
7464SergtClunie, P.EntericEngland6-7-1900Woolwich
8088PteFarrell, G.P.EntericEngland6-9-1900Not known
7655PteLecouteur, R.Accident
Fell from train.
Worcester, C.C.30-9-1900Worcester C.C.
 Total 29

From Sessional Paper 35a, 1901, Parliament of Canada
Appendix A 8
Nominal Roll of Officers, N.C.O.'s and men killed in action and died of wounds received in action.
No.RankName CasualtiesPlaceDateWhere buried
7004SergtScott, W.I.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900Paardeberg on battle field of 18-2-1900,
N. of river in small clump of trees.
7059PteJackson, W.E.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7074PteMaundrell, A.A.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7113PteTodd, J.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7105PteSomers, J.H.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7236PteSmith, R.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7388PteDonegan, J.A.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7255PteWhite, W.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7339PteFindlay, J.H.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7371PteManion, W.T.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7506PteLewis, Z.R.E.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7455PteBurns, 0.T.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7500PteJackson, C.E.EKilledPaardeburg18-2-1900

7608PteBarry, C.H.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900Paardeberg, S. side river 150 yds.
S.W. of ford, 200 yds. west of house
used as hospital.

7654PteLester, C.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900Paardeberg on battle field of 18-2-1900,
N. of river, in small clump of trees.
7670PteMcQueen, A.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7636CorplGoodfellow R.C.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900
7993PteTaylor, R.D.KilledPaardeburg18-2-1900

7960PteMcCreary, P.H.Died of woundsPaardeburg19-2-1900Paardeberg, S. side of river, 150 yds.
S.W. of ford, 200 yds. west of house
used & as hospital.
----CaptArnold, H.M.Died of woundsPaardeburg23-2-1900

7376PtePage, F.C.KilledPaardeburg27-2-1900N. of Modder River, 1 mile from Cronje's
laager, 50 yds. from river bank opposite
pontoon crossing.

7869Corpl.Withey, A.KilledPaardeburg27-2-190060 yds. W. of Cronje's laager, 100 yds.
N. of Modder River, under a thorn tree.
7775PteOrman, G.KilledPaardeburg27-2-1900
7979PteRiggs, W.A.KilledPaardeburg27-2-1900
6582PteScott, Jacob B.KilledPaardeburg27-2-1900
8004Corpl.Withers, F.W.KilledPaardeburg27-2-1900
7944PteJohnston, J.M.KilledPaardeburg27-2-1900

7463CorplBrady, W.S.Died of woundsPaardeburg27-2-1900N.S.W., F.H. burial ground S. of Modder
River, and 2 miles W. of Cronje's laager.
7553PteThomas, C.T.Died of woundsPaardeburg27-2-1900
7502PteLiving, F.J.Died of woundsPaardeburg27-2-1900
7708PteWasdell, F.Died of woundsPaardeburg27-2-1900
7854PteRoy, A.Died of woundsPaardeburg27-2-1900

8105PteJohnstone, G.Died of woundsPaardeburg27-2-1900Paardeberg, S. of Modder River, 150 yds.
S.W. of ford, 200 yds. west of house
used as hospital.

7778PteSievert, J.G.Died of woundsKlip Drift2-3-1900Klip Drift, Modder River.

8674PteDefoe, J.KilledIsraels Poort25-4-1900Israels Poort, S. of main road., Thabs,
N'chu, between Kaffir hut and main
road, 500 yds. from each.

7468PteCotton, H.KilledHout Nek30-4-1900At foot of Tobah Mountain, 650 yds
from base of hill, SE peak.

7193PteFloyd, F.G.W.KilledZand River10-5-1900Zand River, 2 miles S. and 1 mile E. of
main road, Kroonstadt, Winburg.

7208PteLeonard, G.W.Died of woundsZand River11-5-1900Bueniplatz.

----LtBlanchard, M.Died of woundsRhenoster15-6-1900Kroonstadt grave No.7, Lot No. 7.

 Total 39

From Sessional Paper 35a, 1901, Parliament of Canada
Appendix A 8
List Of Wounded
Co.No. NamePlaceWhere hit Nature
Feb. 18A7017Pte. Andrews, H.J.D.PaardebergLeft thighSerious
Feb. 18A7021Pte. Beech, A.C.PaardebergThroatSlight
Feb. 18A7043Pte. Duncafe, C.W.PaardebergWristSlight
Feb. 18A7046Pte. Finch-Smiles, F.PaardebergThighSerious
Feb. 18A7070Corpl. Lohman, A.O.Paardeberg9 wounds, face and chestSerious
Feb. 18A7082Pte. MacKenzie, H.PaardebergLegSlight
Feb. 18A7084Pte. Niebergall, H.E.PaardebergLesgSlight
Feb. 18A7111Pte. Thompson, C.PaardebergShoulderSerious
Feb. 18A7041Pte. Dixon, J.H.PaardebergShoulderVery slight
Feb. 18A----Capt. Arnold, H.M.PaardebergHeadMortally
Feb. 18B7152Sergt. Sippi, G.R.B.PaardebergFootSlight
Feb. 18B5062Sergt Shreeve, J.PaardebergRight armSerious
Feb. 18B7156Corpl. Smith, J.PaardebergKnee and hipSlight
Feb. 18B2500Pte. Power, L.PaardebergBackSlight
Feb. 18B7211Pte. McLaren, C.D.PaardebergHipSlight
Feb. 18B7252Pte. Wheatcroft, A.H.PaardebergHipSlight
Feb. 18B7225Pte. Paddon, A.E.PaardebergArm and sideSerious
Feb. 18B7218Pte. Marentette, V. F.PaardebergArmSlight
Feb. 18B7197Pte. Green, W.J.PaardebergFootSlight
Feb. 18B3206Pte. Kingwell, Jno.PaardebergBreastSerious
Feb. 18B3115Pte. Baugh, E.PaardebergThighSlight
Feb. 18B7180Pte. Corley, J.B.PaardebergArmSlight
Feb. 18B7182Pte. Day, J.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18B----Lt. Mason, J.C.PaardebergShoulder and lungSerious
Feb. 18C7393Corpl. Stewart, M.M.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18C7356Pte. Kennedy, J.PaardebergArm and bodySerious
Feb. 18C7406Pte. Ward, S.M.PaardebergThroatSerious
Feb. 18C4105Pte. McLaughlin, R.H.PaardebergShoulder and lungSerious
Feb. 18C7397Pte. Ussher, J.F.H.PaardebergBackNot serious
Feb. 18C7398Pte. Vander Water, W.PaardebergFingerSlight
Feb. 18C7360Pte. McGiverin, W.L.PaardebergFootSlight
Feb. 18C7392Pte. Sutton, J.H.PaardebergFootVery slight
Feb. 18C7336Pte. Day, E.C.PaardebergFootVery slight
Feb. 18D4111Col.-Sergt. Thompson, C.H.PaardebergRight armSerious
Feb. 18D7462Pte. Bradshaw, J.L.H.PaardebergBack and throatSerious
Feb. 18D7510Pte. Laird, A.PaardebergLegSlight
Feb. 18D7493Pte. Gibson, C.A.PaardebergLegVery slight
Feb. 18D7475Pte. Clarke, C.P.Paardeberg5 woundsSerious
Feb. 18D7527Pte. Macaulay, A.PaardebergKneeSerious
Feb. 18D7474Pte. Coleman, J.D.PaardebergKneeSlight
Feb. 18D7542Pte. Ritchie, W.J.PaardebergKneeVery slight
Feb. 18E5094Pte. McGill, D.R.PaardebergKneeVery slight
Feb. 18E7671Pte. McIver, W.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18E7697Pte. Thomas, A.P.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18E7689Pte. Shaw, A.C.PaardebergGroinSerious
Feb. 18E7702Pte. Turner, A.J.PaardebergArmSlight
Feb. 18E7637Pte. Gorman, J.F.PaardebergBackNot serious
Feb. 18E7685Pte. Robarts, G.P.PaardebergArmSlight
Feb. 18E7659Corpl. Moore. T.D.PaardebergForearmSlight
Feb. 18F6559Sergt. Utton, F.W.PaardebergFootSerious
Feb. 18F7829Pte. Hunter, W.L.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18F7777Pte. Scott, J.PaardebergHipSerious
Feb. 18F7818Pte. LaRue, L.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18F7861Pte. Hudon, J.A.A.PaardebergFootSlight
Feb. 18F6579Pte. McLaughlin, H.P.PaardebergLegSlight
Feb. 18G7931Pte. Gifford, B.PaardebergShoulderNot serious
Feb. 18G7943Pte. Johnston, J.N.PaardebergLegNot serious
Feb. 18G8001Pte. Waye, J.F.PaardebergLeg and footNot serious
Feb. 18G7960Pte. McCreary, P.H.PaardebergHeadMortal, Dead
Feb. 18HPte. Adams, W.F.PaardebergShoulderSlight
Feb. 18H8103Pte. Johnstone, G.PaardebergHeadMortal, Dead
Feb. 18H8128Pte. McCollum, G.D.PaardebergHeadSerious
Feb. 18H8151Pte. Regan, W.J.PaardebergArm and legNot serious
Feb. 20C7357Pte. Kidner, R.W.PaardebergArm and legSlight
Feb. 20C7412Bugler Holland, J.B.PaardebergBodyVery light
Feb. 20F7827Pte. Downing, W. PaardebergBackSerious
Feb. 20H8142Pte. Parker, A.PaardebergBackVery slight
Feb. 27C7399Pte. Vickers, J.R.Cronje"s LaagerThighSerious
Feb. 27C7326Pte. Cozzens, H.Cronje"s LaagerThighVery slight
Feb. 27C7342Pte. Gray, N.F.Cronje"s LaagerThighVery slight
Feb. 27C7313Pte. Allen, C.W.Cronje"s LaagerThighVery slight
Feb. 27D7463Corpl. Brady, W.S.Cronje"s LaagerSpineMortal, Dead
Feb. 27D7553Corpl. Thomas. C.T.Cronje"s LaagerAbdomenMortal, Dead
Feb. 27D7502Corpl. Living, F.J.Cronje"s LaagerShoulder and lungMortal, Dead
Feb. 27D7498Corpl. Hulme, G.G.Cronje"s LaagerShoulder and lungVery slight
Feb. 27D7497Pte. HollandCronje"s LaagerLeft armSlight
Feb. 27D7531Pte. McConnell, J. F.Cronje"s LaagerRight calfSlight
Feb. 27E5136Corpl. Baugh, T.E.Cronje"s LaagerRight kneeSlight
Feb. 27E7708Pte. Wasdell, F.Cronje"s LaagerAbdomenMortal, Dead
Feb. 27E----Lieut. Armstrong, C.J.Cronje"s LaagerRight thighSlight
Feb. 27F7782Pte. Matheson, O.Cronje"s LaagerLeft legSlight
Feb. 27F7803Pte. Sutherland, A.Cronje"s LaagerButtockNot serious
Feb. 27F7868Sgt. Peppiatt, W.Cronje"s LaagerLeftfootSlight
Feb. 27F7871Corpl. Macdonald, J.A.Cronje"s LaagerRight thighSerious
Feb. 27F7822Pte. Harrison, Chas.Cronje"s LaagerLeft forearmSlight
Feb. 27F7841Pte. Bajot, A.Cronje"s LaagerRight shoulderSerious
Feb. 27F7852Pte. Proulx, H.Cronje"s LaagerLeft forearmNot serious
Feb. 27F7854Pte. Roy, A.Cronje"s Laager10 wds. head & bodyMortal, Dead
Feb. 27F7778Sievert, J.G.Cronje"s LaagerAbdomenMortal, Dead
Feb. 27E7815Pte. Theriault. J.A.Cronje"s LaagerFootSlight
Feb. 27G7935Pte. Harris, J.A.Cronje"s LaagerLeftarmNot serious
Feb. 27G7923Pte. Durant, H.E.Cronje"s LaagerLeft hipSerious
Feb. 27G7972Pte. Pelkey, A.Cronje"s LaagerElbowSlight
Feb. 27G2929Pte. Fradsham, H.Cronje"s LaagerThighSlight
Feb. 27G6363Pte. Quinn, M. J.Cronje"s Laager9 wds chest, abdomenSerious
Feb. 27G7915Corpl. Coombs, F. W.Cronje"s Laagerleft shoulderSerious
Feb. 27G7985Pte. Simpson, A.Cronje"s LaagerNeckSerious
Feb. 27G7950Pte. Leavitt, H.Cronje"s LaagerHip and backSerious
Feb. 27G7996Pte. Unkauf, W.C.Cronje"s LaagerHip and backVery slight
Feb. 27G7920Pte. Donohoe, W.W.Cronje"s LaagerlegAmputation
Feb. 27G7987Pte. Sprague, F.W.Cronje"s LaagerLeft arm Not serious
Feb. 27G7909Pte. Brace, N.T.Cronje"s LaagerLeft arm Very slight
Feb. 27G----Major Pelletier, O.C.C.Cronje"s LaagerShoulderSlight
Apr. 25G----Lt.-Col. Otter, W.D.Israel PoortChin and neckSlight
Apr. 25G7833Pte. Culver, J.W.Israel PoortLegSerious
Apr. 25D7454Corpl. Burns, R.Israel PoortForearmSlight
May. 1B----Lt. Ross, J.M.Hoot NekRight sideSlight
May. 1G7955Pte. Lutz, J.A.Hoot NekLegVery slight
May. 1G7952Pte. Letson, J.Hoot NekLegSlight
May. 1D7486Bugler Foster, P.R.Hoot NekLegSlight
May. 1B7204Pte. Irwin, R.Hoot NekFaceSlight
May. 1B7234Pte. Rorison, C.K.Hoot NekLegSlight
May. 10B7221Pte. McLean, A. Zand River3 wnds. thighSerious
May. 10B7208Pte. Leonard, G.W.Zand RiverShoulder and backMortal, Dead
May. 10A7018Pte. Armstrong, E.Zand RiverFootSlight
May. 29A7038Pte. Davies, J.E.Doornkop3 wds shoulder & legsSerious
May. 29B7235Pte. Robinson, J.B.DoornkopThighSerious
May. 29C7355Pte. Jordan, J.DoornkopShoulderSerious
May. 29F7888Pte. Evans, A.V.DoornkopLeft legSlight
May. 29F7838Pte. Hill, J.DoornkopArmSlight
May. 29G7938Pte. Haydon, A.DoornkopArmSlight
May. 29E7688Pte. Richardson, F.S.DoornkopRight forearmSerious
Sep. 30E7722Pte. Lamden, J.Pan StationShoulderSlight
 Total 123

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