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Criminals in the family

Create queries to bring results

Plenty of stories in old photographs

A medical mystery solved

Another great resource for Scottish research

Toronto Branch offers full-day workshops

Search the census at Ancestry.ca

Camrose branch is keeping busy

Census 2006

Much more data on the Internet

Genealogy on the Internet

DNA testing might offer surprises

Newspapers provide vital information

Yearbooks help capture the past

Land Books series is complete!


Christmas traditions

Try municipal records too

Names can create mysteries

Appreciate our war veterans

Passenger ships on the Great Lakes

Learn through your computer

Cemeteries are a vital resource

Links to World War I are slipping away

1911 Canadian census is finally here

Help with those Bible Christians

In Canada, she lived her dream

Scots helped shape Canada

Canada's links with the Netherlands

Boiled sugar and candied mice

Borthwick Institute is a great resource

Archives of Ontario needs a better home

William Berczy brought settlers

Searching for signs of 'Karelia Fever'

Many treasures from the past

Great value in maps -- but be careful

Twenty years or research on the Rock


Remembering our war dead

Family legends can help solve illegitimacy problems

Always something new at Salt Lake City

Remember the war brides, too

A tribute to a remarkable man

Great archival material online

Genes are a vital part of family history

Tired of travelling to a library? Move there

Fit all of your information in your Pocket

Does it all go back to Genghis Kahn?

The repatriation of Sook Sias

The incredible power of FreeBMD

An 1886 trip to Northern Ontario

Your house has a history, too

More resources for Elgin County

Research on Vancouver Island

Cyndi's guide to going online

Tracing Our Lunen-Links

English Place-Names

Sources for tracing roots in France

Get past those brick walls

There's turmoil in provincial archives

Don't be intimidated by archives


The real meaning of 'saudades'

Oral history program comes to an end

A wealth of information about a ship

An archivist's advice: Don't work in isolation

An unforgettable family story

Children came to new lives in Canada

Roots in Renfrew County

Lord Selkirk's contribution to Canada

Discovering the Cornish corner of England

Superb publications from the OGS

The stories that hats can tell

The brave new digital world

Toronto branch has many publications

A great resource in New Brunswick

Changing times, changing names

Busy times in northern Ontario

Combining resources for better websites

A visit to the Library of Congress

Census fight isn't over yet

Save time while doing your research

Celebrate the release of the 1906 census


Memories of Wartime Rationing

Archives Rage

To Canada from Scotland, by ship

Tracing illegitimacy in Ontario

Better searching in the improved IGI

Delights in old wedding announcements

Tips for using the 1901 British census

Your spouse, your cousin...

When web sites disappear

Solving a couple of interesting problems

Guide to First Nations research in Ontario

Regina offers links to Europe

Finding nirvana in Campbell River

Discoveries in Prairie newspapers

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