CanGenealogy Canadian Genealogy Home Children
Information on children brought to Canada from the British Isles between the 1860s and the 1940s. Several organizations were involved, including Barnardo's, Middlemore, Fegan Homes, and the Salvation Army.

British Home Children Registry
From a database of 77,000 British Home Children. About 68,000 are online.

British Home Children in Canada
Plenty of great resources as well as background information.

Home Children, 1869-1932
Library and Archives Canada website.

Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935
On Ancestry.

United Kingdom incoming passenger lists 1878-1960
This collection includes records of passengers arriving in the British Isles from Canada (and other non-European countries). It is a good source for finding people who returned to the British Isles to live or for a visit.

Ups and Downs 1895-1903
A monthly journal published under the auspices of Dr. Barnardo's Homes.
From Text is searchable.

Juvenile inspection report cards 1920-1932
Cards are in alphabetical order by child's surname. Each card includes the name, age or date of birth, date of arrival, name of ship, name of Home/Union, dates and results of inspections, and name and address of employer(s).
From Digitized but not searchable; you will need to browse the images.
From microfilm T15420: Cards starting with Abahouini, Imastoun (Newton A. Anderson)
From microfilm T15421: Cards starting with Cardwell, Andrew
From microfilm T15422: Cards starting with Evans, Arthur
From microfilm T15421: Cards starting with Henderson, Charles Henry
From microfilm T15424: Cards starting with Lock, Herbert
From microfilm T15425: Cards starting with O'Brien, Thomas
From microfilm T15426: Cards starting with Shaw, Walter
From microfilm T15427: Cards starting with Wealls, Eric Brawn

Young Immigrants to Canada
Plenty of information on the Home Children.

Stories of British Home Children
Collected by the Pier 21 Immigration Museum in Halfax.

Barnardo's After Care Service
Barnardo's was one of the main organizations sending children to Canada.

Middlemore Home Children
On the site of the British Isles Fanily History Site of Greater Ottawa

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