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Questions asked on the 1851 census of Ontario
(The names of all family members are listed)

While the entire province was included in this census some enumeration districts, parts of districts or the agricultural census may be missing. In general it is not hard to read this census except for poor penmanship.
The agricultural census for each county is usually in one continuously numbered section after the last township is listed. If there is an agricultural census check this first. The name of each township is written in at the top and includes a sub-district number. Only heads of households were listed making your search shorter. Also if you know their property address check to the right of the name for this. If you find a head of household in the agricultural census note the division number written in the top section of the form. Then search the personal census but only the division that was found in the agricultural census. This could usually shortens your search but all families may not be listed in the agricultural census.
The personal census pages are continuously numbered from one and sub-districts may only be indicated at the top of each page or there may be a written description (sometimes including a hand drawn map) at the beginning of each sub-district.
If the agricultural census is missing, or the head of family is not listed in it, then the personal census must be searched.
"Residence if out of the limits" (question #5) was not always used and sometimes only ticked. Sometimes another location was entered which gives clues for further searching. This often indicated a visiting relative, friend or traveller.
NOTE: sometime the agricultural census is listed as missing but it may appear at the end or beginning of the personal census.

1. Names of Inmates
2. Profession Trade or Occupation
3. Place of birth
4. Religion
5. Residence if outside of limits
6. Age next birthday
7. Sex: Male
8. Sex: Female
10. Colored person - Negroes
11. Indians, if any
12. Residents: members, M
13. Residents: members, F
14. Residents: non-members, M
15. Residents: non-members, F
16. Members absent: M
17. Members absent: F
18. Deaf & Dumb: M
19. Deaf & Dumb: F
20. Blind: M
21. Blind: F
22. Lunatics: M
23. Lunatics: F
24. Attending School: M
25. Attending School: F
26. Births during the year 1851: No. M
27. Births during the year 1851: " F
28. Deaths during the year 1851: " M
29. Deaths during the year 1851: " F
30. Age and cause of Deaths

31. Brick, Stone, Frame, Log, Shanty, or other kinds of residence
32. No. of stories
33. No. of families occuping
34. Vacant
35. Building
36. Shops, Stores, Inns, Taverns etc.
37. Public Buildings
38. Places of Worship.
39. Information as to Mills, Factories etc., their cost, power, produce, etc.
40. Number of persons usually employed therein
41. General Remarks of the Enumerator


1. Name of occupant - (head of family - male or female)
2. Concession or Range
3. Lot or Part of Lot
Number of acres of land:
4. Held by each person or family
5. Under Cultivation
6. Under Crops in 1851
7. Under Pasture in 1851
8. Gardens or Orchards
9. Under Wood or Wild
NOTE: the acreage in 4 should equal the total acreage of 6, 7, 8 & 9.

10. Wheat - Acres
11. Wheat - Produce Bsh.
12. Barley - Acres
13. Barley - Produce Bsh.
14. Rye - Acres
15. Rye - Produce Bsh.
16. Peas - Acres
17 Peas - Bsh.
18. Oats - Acres
19. Oats - Bsh.
20. Buck Wheat - Acres
21. Buck Wheat - Bsh.
22. Indian corn - Acres
23. Indian corn - Bsh.
24. Potatoes - Acres
25. Potatoes - Bsh.
26. Turnips - Acres
27. Turnips - Bsh.
28. Clover, Timothy or other grass seed - Bsh.
29. Carrots - Bsh.
30. Mangel Wurtzel
31. Beans - Bsh.
32. Hops - Lbs
33. Hay - Bundles of Tons
34. Flax or Hemp - Lbs
35. Tobacco - Lbs
36. Wool - Lbs
37. to 39. Empty spaces
40. Maple Sugar - Lbs
41. Cider - Galls
42. Fulled Cloth - Yards
43. Linen - Yds
44. Flannel - Yds

45. Bulls, Oxen or Steer
46. Milch Cows
47. Calves or Heifers
48. Horses of all ages
49. Sheep
50. Pigs
51. Butter - Lbs
52. Cheese - Lbs
53. Beef - Barrels or cwts
54. Pork - Barrels or cwts
55. Quantity of Fish Cured
56. Remarks
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