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Canadian Troops to South Africa, 1899 - 1902
(From the Canadian Almanac, 1903)

Honors and Awards

The Imperial authorities conferred the following honors and awards on officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Canadian forces, for service in South Africa.

The Victoria Cross
For conspicuous bravery during the action at Wolwespruit, Standerton, on the 5 July 1900.
Sergeant Arthur Herbert Lindsay Richardson Lord Strathcona's Horse
For conspicuous bravery during the action at Homati River, on the 7th November, 1900.
Lieut. H.Z.C. Cockburn
Lieut. R.E.W. Turner
Sergt. E.J. Holland
All from the R.C.D. (Formerly the 1st Battn. C.M.R.)

Companions of the Bath

Colonel W.D. Otter, A.D.C., Commanding 9nd (S.S.) Battn., R.C.R.I.
Lieut.-Col. C.W. Drury, A.D.C., Commanding Brigade Div. F. Artillery
Lieut.-Col. F.L. Lessard, Commanding R.C.D. (formerly the 1st Battn. C.M.R.)
Lieut.-Col. T.D.B. Evans, Commanding C.M.R. (2nd Battn.)
Lieut.-Col. S.B. Steele, M.V.O., Commanding Strathcona's Horse
Companions of St. Michael and St. George

Lieut.-Col. L. Buchan, 2nd in Command, 2nd (S.S.) Battn., R.C.R.
Major S.J.A. Denison, 2nd (S.S.)Battn., R.C.R., A.D.C. to Field Marshal Lord Roberts
Major R. Belcher, Strathcona's Horse. Major A.M. Jarvis
Lt.-Col. Robt. Cartwright (attached for special duty), 2nd (Special Service) Battn., R.C.R.I.
Distinguished Service Order

Captain A.C. Macdonell, C.M.R.
H.A. Panet, R.C.A.
Lieut. L.E.W. Irving, R.C.A.
Captain J.H.C. Ogilvy, 2nd (S.S.) Battn., R.C.R.I.
Lieut. R.E.W. Turner, R. C. D. (formerly the 1st Battn.C.M.R.)
Captain G.W. Cameron, Strathcona's Horse
F.L. Cartwright, Strathcona's Horse
E.F. Mackie, Strathcona's Horse
Lieut. A.E. Christie, Strathcona's Horse
Lieut. J.E. Leckie, Strathcona's Horse
Surgeon-Lieut. C.B. Keenan, Strathcona's Horse
Major A.L. Howard, in command of Canadian Scouts (was killed on Feb. 17th. 1901)
Major G.E. Sanders, Major C.M.R.
Capt. H.B. Stairs, Capt. 2nd (Special Senice) Battn., R.C.R.I.
Capt. A.H. Macdonnell, Capt. C.M.R.
Lieut. E.W.B. Morrison, Lieut. " D " Battery, R.C.A.
Lieut. J.C. Mason, Lieut. 2nd (Special Service) Battn., R.C.R.I.
Medal for Distinguished Service in the Field

Pte. W. A. Knisley, R.C.D. (formerly 1st Battn. C.M.R.). (Afterwards joined 2nd Regt. C.M.R., and was killed Apr. 2, 1902.)
Sgt.-Maj. J. Hynes, Strathcona's Horse
Sgt.-Maj. J.C. Richards, Strathcona's Horse
Sgt. W.H. Nelles, Strathcona's Horse (died 29th January, 1901, after having joined the Commander-in-Chief's Body Guard)
Sgt.-Maj. W.H. Gimblett, "C" Battery, R.C.A.
Gr. W.C. Laidlaw, "C" Battery, R.C.A.
Sgt. T.R. Miles, C.M.R.
Corpl. T. Callaghan, C.M.R.
Tpr. A.W. Crawley, C.M.R.
Tpr. A.S. Waite, C.M.R.
Tpr. L.W.R. Mulloy (lost both eyes), R.C.D.
Sqd. Sgt.-Maj. P.G. Routh, Stratheona's Horse (granted in Sept., 1902.)
The Canadian authorities granted the following promotions to brevet rank:
To be Colonels:
Lieut.-Col. C.W. Drury, C.B., Hon'y A.D.C. to Gov.-Gen'l, R.C.A.
Lieut.-Col. L. Buchan, C.M.G. R.C.R.I.
Lieut.-Col. F.L. Lessard, C.B" Hony A.D.C. to Gov.-Gen'l, R.C.D.
Lieut.-Col. T.D.B. Evans, C.B., Hon'y A.D.C. to Gov.-Gen'l, C.M.R.
Lieut.-Col. S.B. Steele, C.B., M.V.0. (South African Constabulary).
Lieut.-Col. L.W. Herchmer, R.L. (comd'g 2nd Bn., C,M,R.)
To be Lieutenant-Colonels:
Major G. Hunter Ogilvie, R.C.A.
Major W.G. Hurdman, 2nd Field Battery, C.A.
Major 0.C.C. Pelletier, R.C.A.
Major R.E.W. Turner, V.C., D.S.O., Queen's Own Canadian Hussars
Major A.N. Worthington, Canadian Militia Army Medical Staff
Major E. Fiset, Canadian Militia Army Medical Staff
Supt. G.E. Sanders, N.W.M.P.
Inspr. A.C. Macdonell, N.W.M.P.
To be Majors:
Captain C.M. Nelles, R.C.D.
Captain V.A.S. Williams, R.C.D.
Captain L.E.W. Irving, D.S.O. (R.O.)
Captain H.A. Panet, D.S.O., R.C.A. (Adjt. R.M.College)
Captain A.H. Macdonell, R.C.R.I.
Captain H.B. Stairs, 66th Regt. "Princess Louise Fus."
Captain J.H.C. Ogilvy, D.S.0., R.C.A.
Captain H.Z.C, Cockburn, V.C., G.G.B.G.
Captain W. Forester, R.C.D.
Supt. J. Howe, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
Inspr. A.E.R. Cuthbert, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
To be Captains:
Lieut. E.W.B. Morrison, 2nd Field Battery, C.A.
Lieut. E.R. Ecclestone (U.L.).
J.B. Allen (R.O.)
Insp'r M. Baker, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
Insp'r Insp'r J.D. Moodie, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
Insp'r J.V. Begin, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
To be Lieutenants.:
Insp'r H.J.A. Davidson, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
W.M. Ingles (R.O.)
Insp'r T.M. Wroughton, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
Insp'r E.A. Pelletier, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
Insp'r F.L. Cosby, N.W.M.P. (R.O.)
R.W.E. Eustace (R.O.)
C. Tryon. (R.0.)
Vet.-Lt. R. Riddell (R.O.)
Rev. W.J. Cox, Hon'y Chaplains
Rev. J.C. Sinnett, Hon'y Chaplains
N.B. The rank of Colonel and Lieutenant-Colonel, respectively, would have been conferred upon Colonel W.D. Otter, C.B., A.D.C., and Lieutenant-Colonel Hudon, R.C.A., had not these officers been previously promoted to those ranks.

The following promotions were granted in recognition of services rendered in connection with the preparation and organization of the contingents for South Africa:

To be Lieut.-Col.:
Captain F. White, Comp. N.W.M.P., from Retired List
To be Majors:
Captain A. Benoit, from the Reserve of Officers, honorary rank of Major. Captain P. Weatherbe, Capt. Brighton Co. of Engrs.

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